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Works available through Artful Curations, New Zealand

Karena de Pont writes: 

From the earliest days of my childhood, I have been entranced by the power of colour and its ability to influence my perception of reality. Throughout my artistic journey, I've explored various mediums, from contemporary oil paintings to abstract acrylic works and sculpture, all in pursuit of capturing the essence of my creative vision. Each medium, a brushstroke on the canvas of my imagination, a tool to breathe life into my ideas.

Initially started during Covid lockdowns, this series of artworks, aptly named "FLUID", represents a conscious effort to relinquish control and embrace the untamed. It was a deliberate choice to celebrate the unbridled movement of the brush stroke, to act as a matchmaker introducing colours to one another, and then stepping aside to allow the paint to follow its own course. This series is a testament to the beauty of spontaneity and the profound impact of allowing elements to merge organically.


In "FLUID", I sought to mirror the natural flow of the universe, an intricate dance of energies and colours that shape our world. I personally find 'stepping back' or 'letting go', both in artmaking and in life a real challenge but it is one that I have tried to embrace. It takes immense courage for me to release the reins of control, so this collection is a measurement of my willingness to let go of the familiar and to allow my work to assume its own interpretations.


As I watch the paints intertwine, evolve, and create their own narratives on the paper, I am reminded of the inherent beauty in surrendering to the process. "FLUID" is not just a series of artworks; it is a meditation on the intricate interplay of chaos and order, a celebration of the unexpected, and a homage to the natural harmony that emerges when we allow things to take their course.

In these small gestural works, I invite you to explore the uncharted territory of the imagination, to appreciate the power of spontaneity, and to witness the magic that unfolds when we release our preconceived notions. "FLUID" is my tribute to the ever-flowing river of creativity, and I hope that as you immerse yourself in these pieces, you too will find inspiration in the beauty of letting go.

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